Let’s make sure you’ll be able to correct your transactions on the previous months, almostthere. The QuickBooks Developers does product enhancements when there are new features or things that need to be changed. The Reviewed tab was included in the recent update and was changed to Categorized. You have clicked a link to a site outside of the QuickBooks or ProFile Communities. By clicking “Continue”, you will leave the community and be taken to that site instead.

Next to it is a drop-down where you can select Delete. At some point, you’ll probably need to review your existing bank rules and make some changes. For Payments, the “Customer” dropdown menu will be auto-populated by all customers in your QuickBooks that have Bitcoin (BTC) selected as their payment currency. Any transaction for over that amount will remain in the queue for approval.


We offer a variety of personalized bookkeeping and accounting services. There are a few ways to access the rule creation tool in QBO. Ask any advisor what they need more of and chances are they won’t say clients first—they’ll say time. Whether or not you currently use FA Bean Counters for your bookkeeping needs, this blog is bound to save you some time on your books. The only catch is that you use QuickBooks Online (or QBO as those in the bookkeeping biz call it).

It helps accounts to be balanced and accurate. Let me also share with you a few reasons why sometimes we unreconcile what is a profitability index transactions. I’m happy to further assist you with moving transactions back to the For Review tab.

If you’re using a phone or tablet with Android

I am frustrated that I can’t see the few that the system magically created. Ask questions, get answers, and join our large community of QuickBooks users. Find out more about how features and data move to QuickBooks Online. Squire provides complete and personalized accounting solutions to meet your individual needs. I would like to clarify some things about accessing the rules in QuickBooks. As always, you can post your other concerns and questions here and we’ll take care of them.

Too Many Transactions in QuickBooks Online? Create Rules

If the purpose why you want the bank rule to apply to these transactions is to move them to a different account, I suggest you reach out to your accountant. They have an option to reclassify or move multiple transactions at once. Hover over Banking in the left vertical pane and select Banking to open your transaction list. Be sure that you’re looking at transactions that are still For review, as these are the only ones that can be assigned to Rules. It’s quick and easy to edit and delete the bank rules in QuickBooks Self-Employed. Find the rule you want to modify and click Edit.

Creating Rules

Once done, the transactions will go back to the For Review tab. Maintaining your transaction registers conscientiously leads to a clearer understanding of your finances. Using rules in QuickBooks Online to organize your transactions can help.

Using the drop-down lists of options, you’ll select the Transaction Type, Payee, Category, and Class (if you use them). Every time a transaction comes in that meets the conditions you defined above, QuickBooks Online will apply these options. The banking rules will apply to the transactions that are on the For Review tab. That said, it will not retroactively apply to the previous one. However, we can undo the previously matched transactions to apply the edited rule. After you create an auto-add rule, any transactions on the For review tab that meet the conditions are automatically added.

For example, let’s say you always buy your office supplies from the same store. You can make a rule so QuickBooks automatically categorizes transactions from that store as business transactions. I’m not trying to rename the transaction or add a payee but I would like to set a rule to categorize transactions. But where is the “Reviewed” tab mentioned in step 3? I am on the banking page with the desired account selected but there is no “reviewed” tab to select. The rule will still be applied after undoing some transactions.

Ways QuickBooks Online Can Make You More Profitable

You can even apply new rules to past transactions. Let QuickBooks do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your next gig. QuickBooks Online offers banking rules to categorize transactions in the Banking tab accurately. These rules apply to unaccepted transactions (transactions on the For Review tab of the Banking screen) ONLY.

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