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    * The 24 Hour Service, it is handled as technicians are available depending on demand, in failure to have a technician available at the time of request, we are not at foult for not providing immediate service, and will be handled at the earliest conveniance or as technician availability for the given call. We will always try to mantain availability, but in emergencies and or heavy call volumes after hours (hours entile of 7:00 am - 5:00 pm or as entitled contract shows at the back of the contract/warranty sheet shows for exhisting customers) We will dispatch technicians as available. **By using our 24 hour service, you are agreeing to this guideline that availability can be limited**

    * The free estimate entitle to only a new equipment or replacing exhisting air conditioning unit, we will go to the location, and provide a full estimate as a free service, with the most favorable options given to the customer on replacing the exhisting unit, or putting a brand new unit. Any other diagnostics such as services, ducts, or repairs could hold charges.

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