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  • When you’re heating or air goes out, there is usually no time to wait.  However, most homeowners do not have the finances to buy a new system. Microf can restore your heating and cooling needs with an affordable monthly payment. 

    Directly from the Microf.com website; "Microf was established in 2010 to accommodate the growing demand for more flexible options surrounding the replacement of a residential heating/cooling system. Our goal is to ‘Restore the Heating/Cooling Needs of the consumer with an affordable monthly payment’ through our strategic network of Actively Enrolled Contractors. The Microf team is eager to add value to our contractors and consumers by offering flexible and affordable options to ‘Restore Comfort with Competitive Solutions’ across the United States. Contact Microf today for additional information at info@microf.com".


    Flexible Monthly Payment Options

    We offer multiple payment terms and options. Pick the one that is best for you.

    Simple Application Process

    Our program is designed for homeowners that have a valid ID, active bank account and steady income. Bank statements, pension, funds, paychecks, and even social security count! 

    Let Quality-Breeze solve your cooling needs today!

    We are fully licensed and endorsed by Microf, let Quality-Breeze take care of you, we can even apply for you! Call us today, don't wait any longer with your broken, damaged or old A/C affecting you and your family. Let us take care of it for you, and put in your home a brand new unit, that will bring comfort and happiness once again at home. 

    Visit Microf.com for more information and frequently asked questions! 

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